Experiential Activities

This is just a sampling of the types of programs we can run at Summit. If you have an idea, we can make it happen. We will sit down with you to discuss your specific goals and then work together to design a program that will best meet those objectives. The opportunities for adventure activities in the Squamish & Whistler area are endless! Pick a desired length of program and then choose the activities that best suit your group’s interests and goals. We can customize a program to fit any group’s needs.


Our outdoor archery range provides students with an opportunity to experience traditional long-bow archery at our elevated & covered range. Under the careful supervision of a trained instructor, archery can improve student’s level of participation and improve educational performance. Students of all sizes and athletic ability can easily be involved in archery, and achieve great success.

Arts & Crafts

What would camp be without Arts & Crafts? A chance to get creative during craft periods lets students try out everything from making dream catchers to macramé to bracelets. Crafts also include beadwork, picture framing, painting and more! Having a bit of down time in a busy schedule can encourage communication & creative thinking time.


At the Camp Summit Bouldering Wall, students get all the physical benefits of rock climbing without the height. This is a form of “traverse” style climbing that is very low to the ground using “spotters” instead of harnesses and ropes. The top of our wall is only 8 feet high and students can learn climbing techniques through fun games and challenges.


We offer climbers from beginner to advanced a chance to climb on our outdoor artificial climbing tower. It sits 35 feet high offering 2 routes of varying difficulty. All students receive instructions and safety briefing by certified instructors before climbing. Climbing Wall sessions include climbing techniques and route management a great combination of physical and mental challenges. This is a great introduction to rock climbing, offered right on the Summit property. Our rock wall will allow students to become comfortable with the gear and techniques of climbing.


What would an outdoor experience be without a campfire? It is a common way to wind down the night at Summit, sitting under the stars and around the campfire, singing songs and roasting marshmallows.

Camp Craft and Outdoor Living Skills

This activity teaches students to build natural shelters, tie knots, build fires and set up a proper campsite. This is a great activity to allow students to take a moment and explore the forests around them as well as learn the principles of No Trace Camping.

Campfire Cooking

At Campfire Cooking students learn how to build cooking fires in a safe setting. Once the fire is built students have the opportunity to cook bannock over the open fire and enjoy it with some delicious toppings!

Eco-Centre Activities

This nature based program gives students the opportunity to experience nature with all of their senses. Eco-Centre takes students around the beautiful temperate rainforest that Camp Summit sits in for a closer look at the natural world around them. At the Eco-Shed students will learn about solar energy, water collection, worm composting and have an opportunity to tend the soil in our camp garden.

Field Games & Sport Court

Camp Summit boasts great playing fields on which we play Soccer, Football, Ultimate Frisbee and pretty much any sport you can think of! We also play a wide variety of traditional camp wide games such as Capture the Flag, and Survival!


An entertaining adventure game for GPS users. Participating in a cache hunt is a good way for students to learn how to navigate and take advantage of the wonderful features and capabilities of a GPS unit. GPS users can then use the location coordinates to find the caches which will then lead them to a fun surprise!

High Ropes

The Giants Ladder, Vertical Playground and Leap of Faith are only a few of the elements that you will find at our High Ropes course. This program allows campers to push the boundaries of their comfort zone while practicing trust and teamwork skills with their classmates. With many High Ropes elements to choose from students are able to participate at the level that best challenges them!


Initiatives ignite students into working as a team by challenging them to solve unusual problems. It is a fantastic way to practice and learn about creativity, communication, support and leadership all while having fun.

Low Ropes

This activity area is a series of wood, ropes and cables that tests one’s agility and balance while incorporating an element of trust by having teammates act as “spotters”. Hanging only a few feet above the ground, students will be challenged in ways they never have before, all while learning valuable communication and problem solving skills.

Mountain Biking

Summit’s biking experience is suitable for individuals of all ability levels, from first timers to experienced trail riders. Students are supplied with a quality front suspension bike, helmet, leg pads and gloves. The lesson will cover basic techniques and safety. Riders practice on fields, single track forested trails, small rolling jumps and beginner level “trials features” (low to the ground, man-made stunts such as skinny planks, ladders and teeter-totters).


Campers have the opportunity to learn basic skills on how to use a compass, read a map, how to take a bearing and apply these skills to one of three courses we have around camp.

Programs with Additional Costs

At Summit Outdoor Education Centre anything is possible when it comes to activities and creating the program you want for your students. The following activities can be added to your program for an additional cost per/ student.


(For school groups 50 students and less) Canoeing provides a great opportunity to slow down and be a part of an activity that truly unites you with the water and nature. At Summit we can offer half day skills workshops in canoeing. We take all students to Alice Lake where they can learn canoe strokes, canoe safety and have the opportunity to paddle on the open water. At the end of each lesson we play a few games to keep the energy level high. On warm days the students can also take a dip in the lake.

Day Hikes

As a camp in the Sea to Sky Corridor, you can’t leave without “seeing the sights’. Students are taken on trips around Camp and Squamish to surrounding waterfalls, lakes and other natural points of interest on day hikes. There are two great hikes right in the Squamish Valley or students can hike the famous “Chief”. The school can choose the level of difficulty and Summit will choose a hike that meets the student’s abilities. All day hikes are a full day activity and would include a bagged lunch.

Multi-day Excursions

At Summit, we believe that the goal of Camp is to learn to appreciate the outdoors and one another. What better way to be completely immersed and live in outdoor harmony than hiking and canoe trips. We have a brand new addition to our program and are now able to provide multi-day trip planning and excursions such as the Juan de Fuca and the Powell River Canoe circuit to schools. These programs are offered to grades 7-12, and if your school participates in the Duke of Edinburgh program, we can cater towards that as well. Prices range between $600-$900/student.