Camp Summit Testimonials

We receive many letters here at Camp Summit from schools, families and campers who have shared some time here at camp. Their need to share their gratitude is always very well received and we are proud in knowing that we have cultivated an environment that provides such tremendous growth and exhilarating experiences in the lives of all who come through our Summit gates.

If you would like to share your experience please send us a message at we’d love to hear from you!

Here is what a few people had to say about Camp Summit…

“I wanted to say thank you for the fabulous weekend Will had. He has made me wash his Camp Summit t-shirt both nights so he can wear it every morning, and carried his picture frame with his cabin photo upstairs on the ferry home. He even demo’d the proper way to do archery to a lady on the ferry. He has not stopped talking about camp next summer.”
“We wanted to take this opportunity to say a big thank you for all the hard work, dedication and love that all the staff at Camp Summit put into this years camp and the children each and every year. From the moment my daughter arrives at camp, to the inevitable last day, it is apparent that the counselors at Camp Summit genuinely care about each and every kid and their families. It is a true comfort to any parent knowing that you are sending your child off to a camp where they are nurtured yet given the freedom to discover who they are. My daughter has ended her second summer, as she did her first, a little older and a lot more sure of herself. With the warmest gratitude, thank you!”
“I was so impressed with the camp, the staff, the values and the obvious passion that has been put into Camp Summit. I felt completely at ease leaving my “baby” for the first time in such a fabulous environment. Hope the rest of the season goes well.”
“Thank you for giving my son such a wonderful experience at his very first camp. He is still talking about it and had his “Camper Award” framed in his room. I’ve noticed that he is more self sufficient, more helpful without being asked and more personally responsible too. He is looking forward to coming back again next summer, thank you!”
“Kyle has returned home after an amazing week at camp. Early morning in the sprinkler with his sister(!), bike riding and leading the pack, Golden Broom Award and new friends. Both of Kyle’s leaders were fantastic. Thank you for taking such super care of our boy. See you next year!”
“Camp Summit is a little utopia that is sustained by the shared idealism of a staff whose passion for life and learning is nothing short of inspiring! Their can-do attitude, inexhaustible enthusiasm and respectful, patient style help youngsters open their minds to new possibilities, believe in their own potential and delight in the process of exploring and expanding their boundaries. As a grade 6 teacher I have watched children grow from a place of uncertainty and self-consciousness to experience a sense of belonging, independence and a renewed confidence over a period of three short days. This intense experience is not just fun, it is life altering and I wish it for every child.”
“We loved looking through all the pictures on the camp DVD. It’s so wonderful to see the care that you all take with each child, your inclusive atmosphere and providing a safe, welcoming and happy environment away from home. Thank you for giving my son an amazing camp experience.”
“I wanted to thank you for all you have done to make a very special bundle of memories for so many kids including my own. You can be sure that I was one of those parents who sat by the computer every night at 10:00pm anxiously awaiting photos of the day to see if our daughter is perhaps in one of them and hopefully smiling. Sending my daughter to camp for the first time at age 8 is probably the most wonderful experience for her, and the most nail biting as a parent. Thankfully we felt confident that she would have a tremendous week jammed full of amazing experiences. So thank you from the bottom of my heart!”
“My son gave Camp Summit a 10 out of 10! His counselor was great and all the campers in his cabin were super nice. He said the hiking trip was surreal and loved the white water rafting, camp games & Arts and Crafts. He is already planning his summer next year around going to Camp Summit!”
“Thank you for the wonderful work you did with my kids over the summer. It was a fabulous experience for each one of them and in so many different ways.”
“She cried her eyes out and told me that she “hates this day” and that she wants to be a ladybug forever! She slept with her picture of her “ladybug crew” by her bedside and made me keep the light on over it all night long and cried herself to sleep while telling me her life is sooooooo terrible with out you and she just needs to go back to camp summit and live there forever! Ummmmm I think thanks. Haha!”

(Base Camp Parents)

“I haven’t noticed any big changes in him, however the changes happened in me. After his week of taking care of himself and coming back in one piece, I tend to let him be more independent as I now know that he can handle a lot more than I was giving him credit for.”
“He desires greater independence and wants to try all his new skills (wants us to take an overnight hike so he can build a campfire). He is extremely positive about everything, including starting a new school in September.”
“Her understanding of risk taking. She explained the little, medium and big circle (personal boundaries) to her little sister and told her she should always feel like she’s in the medium circle (uncomfortable, heart racing, …) when trying something new. When she’s sleeping and eating, she should be in the little circle.”

“We all want to say a very big thank you to you and all of your staff! The girls had a fantastic time and learned so much. Your staff was beyond belief! They are so dedicated, knowledgeable, understanding, and committed. They all engaged so beautifully with the girls and us moms! There isn’t a single thing I would have them change. All of the programs were fun and educational and got the kids really excited. The time that they got to do the activities, the amount of free time, the opportunities for the girls to bond was perfect. Even the weather was cooperative! Thank you for an unbelievable weekend!”

(Camper Parent – Girls Graduation Weekend)