• Month long program
  • Teens in Grade 11
  • New & Returning Summit Campers Welcome
  • 3 Weeks of practical in cabin training experience+ 1 week of independent workshops that include an offsite camping experience!
  • Experience can be put towards High School volunteer hours
The LIT program for 2023 is currently full
please contact the office to place yourself on our waitlist

Applications for the Leaders in Training Program (LIT) are handled differently than our typical summer camp registrations. Individuals who would like to participate in the LIT program will be able to apply for the program by submitting a personal LIT Application online. LIT applications must be submitted by the applicant themselves and not a family member or guardian.

Our Leadership in Training Program (LIT) is a full or half summer leadership course designed for participants who are 17 years of age and ready to take on new responsibilities at Camp. Through this transformative program, our LIT participants have the chance to hone their leadership skills, practice a variety of teaching/facilitation techniques and navigate their position as a role model for youth. These skills are further enhanced through direct interaction with campers in program areas, on trips and during the daily experience of cabin and Camp life each day.

The LIT program emphasizes responsibility and care for the camp community by learning how to create the same camp magic that brought them to Summit. The LIT program prepares participants to be part of a workforce team, managing job responsibilities with self-care, and welcoming the experience of full-time work. This training uses an apprenticeship style program which represents the transition from being a camper towards becoming a counselor. Participants, therefore, must have a strong desire to work with youth.

How does the program work? LITs play a key role in the camp community – LITs are matched with experienced cabin counsellors, activity instructors, and site and facility staff. Participants learn to lead a cabin group of 7-15 year old campers through their summer camp experience, trained to facilitate mountain bike programs and belay high ropes, and learn the ins-and-outs of daily maintenance required of camp staff. Participants have the opportunity to acquire staff-like responsibilities and continue to develop as mentors and guides to the campers.

The LIT participates in all the activities with their cabin groups including mountain biking, rock climbing, archery, orienteering, and backcountry camping trips. Amongst the LIT placements, they will participate in leadership workshops, focusing on program delivery, with framework based on self awareness. This framework is fulfilled with discussions and activities focusing on different leadership styles, qualities and characteristics of role models and the exploring the significance of being a role model, led by the LIT Director, and other Senior Staff. LITs are given a well-rounded and varied program to allow them to experience all aspects of camp.”