Senior Leadership Challenge 2


  • Teens in Grade 10
  • 6 Day Hiking Trip along the Juan de Fuca Trail
  • Practical In Cabin Training Experience For 1 Week of Program

This three-week program is specifically designed for individuals going into grade 11, with not only the passion to continue exploring the wilderness and growing personally, but also the desire and intent to learn about leadership, mentoring, and teaching others. This program is the natural evolution of SLC 1. The SLC 2 program continues building personal growth through outdoor training and hard skill development, but begins to move the focus towards how one can apply skills and knowledge to guide and help others.

As part of their three-week program, SLC 2 participants take on a number of new and exciting experiences including a 6 day hiking expedition along the stunning Juan de Fuca trail. Participants are involved in all aspects of their expedition including menu planning, food/gear pack in/out, campsite selection/set-up and cooking. In addition to trip prep skills, participants gain competency in route navigation with a map and compass, backcountry safety procedures and “Leave No Trace” environmental impact principles.

In addition to developing self-reliance in the wilderness, participants undertake and partake in activity workshops that explore further concepts of responsibility, leadership, and mentoring roles in a community. The experience inherently ingrains a sense of social responsibility, compassion, respect for oneself and others, and a conscience for the world we live in.

Back at Camp, SLC 2 campers integrate into the Camp Summit programs as active participants and assistant leaders. Through this experience, SLC 2 participants gain additional leadership and teaching skills in all activities such as mountain biking, archery, arts and crafts, orienteering, and climbing. They also have an opportunity to apply their leadership skills through the planning and presentation of their own camp events and activities for our younger campers.