summit ‘on the go’

Camp Summit is excited to share the extension of our Outdoor Education experience through our mobile Summit ‘ON THE GO’ program. Our experienced Camp Summit staff will travel to you and run our high-end programs in your school or workplace. Let us transform your space whether it be a gymnasium, board room, park or community centre into the safe, inclusive and positive atmosphere of Camp!

Community Building

Full & Half Day Programming

Our Community Building Days are sure to break the ice and strengthen social responsibilities amongst your group and our Team Building or Leadership Workshops provide personal and professional development that aligns with curriculum-based lesson plans.

We even offer Outdoor Skill Development workshops where students and staff can develop their outdoor living, camping and hiking skills at locations close to you.

camping skills workshops

Front / backcountry

Are you taking your group into the front or backcountry and want to freshen up their camping skill? This camping skill development workshops can be implemented at an introductory level or as a continuation of skill development and review from previous experiences. Participants rotate through a series of workshops, practicing and progressing their intrapersonal skills as they meet challenges together.

take a hike!

At Summit, we believe that the goal of Camp is to learn to appreciate the outdoors and one another. What better way to be completely immersed and live in outdoor harmony than taking your group for a hike in the beautiful Sea to Sky Corridor!

Let our trained and experienced staff lead the way as you explore waterfalls, lakes and other natural points of interest while building community and team on a full or half day hiking excursion!

Day with the Dogs

Camp Summit is proud to take their passionate work to the Callaghan Valley and introduce you to the 4-legged athletes who love their job as much as we love ours. Days with Dogs starts with a warm welcome to the kennel crew, learning the history of sledding on the West Coast and development of equipment. Get ready to meet some dogs as you learn about the rescue program that Trappers Run Kennel provides and the care given to each one of these furry friends.

Dogsled tours can also be included for your group. This Outdoor Education program can give you the opportunity to help harness and equip your team before you hit the heavily treed trails through the quiet Callaghan Valley.

snowshoeing adventures

Take a hike through some of BC’s breathtaking trails this Solstice with the Summit Staff. Discuss the history of snowshoeing and explore the a local forest with your group while you work together towards a fun and safe snowshoe journey. This program can be run on introductory trails or skill developing day trips on trails near you.

winter day trips to camp summit

Almost everything we do in the warmer months is available through the winter! Bring an extra layer or two and go on belay. Use those fire building skills to keep you warm and make some cedar tea, create shelters to keep you from the cold, support each other through low ropes and crispy initiatives.

With new weather comes new programs, new camp-wide games, and new workshops.

covid-19 operating protocol

Camp Summit and Summit ‘ON THE GO’ programming is operating under the Provincial Health Guidelines regarding Covid-19 and regularly consults with our local health department regarding any updates or changes to protocols.

Camp Summit is organizing our programming to reflect best practices for cleaning & disinfecting, physical distancing, and group management. We would be happy to chat further with you regarding our established COVID-19 Operating Procedures.