packing lists

Clothing lists are specific to each of our camp programs – so please make sure that you have the correct list for the camp that your child will be attending.

It is important that you make sure to pack all of the appropriate clothing and gear for your child’s session at camp. Camp Summit has a philosophy of “Ready to Play”  and the items we have listed on the clothing & gear lists are necessary for the health, safety and enjoyment of the camp experience for your child.  Ready to Play refers to clothing that has full coverage to ensure equipment like climbing harnesses and biking gear does not rub directly on the skin.

Please click on the clothing list that pertains to your particular session, print off and keep for your packing reference.

Base Camp 

Summer Blast 

Discovery Camp

Adventure Challenge




Things to keep in mind when packing for camp:

  • Choose function over fashion. Your camper will be engaged in several active outdoor activities while at camp. Be sure to send them with clothing that can get dirty/stained and avoid items that you are not willing to potentially risk losing.
  • It is important that you send your child with a variety of clothing layers so that they can keep warm in the event of inclement weather. A toque (warm winter hat) may seem like a silly item to bring to summer camp – but on hiking trips in the mountains or on a rainy day it can help your child keep warm.
  • It is very important for your child to have a good sleeping bag for camp. A synthetic or down sleeping bag rated to -10 degrees is ideal.
  • There is no need to pack anything beyond those items listed on our Packing List. It can be damaging to the camp experience when miscellaneous items are sent in excess. Camp is one of the few places where a child can be free of inequities. The more “stuff” that campers bring, the more inequity can be present in a cabin group.
  • To prevent loss, make sure that EVERY article is clearly marked with your child’s name using a name tag or laundry pen

Don’t miss our  Packing Videos! Click HERE to check them out!

Summer Camp Family Handbook

This package is full of information that will help you and your camper begin to prepare for their time at Camp, including details around transportation, letters home, dietary alternatives, medications and much more. We hope that you will read this package thoroughly with your camper so that you are both prepared and comfortable with the routines and expectations of Camp.