Meals at camp

Our Head Chef, Brad prepares delicious, well balanced, and nutritious meals that are kid friendly for even our pickiest of eaters! Meals are served “Family Style” with a complete soup and salad bar at lunch and dinner.


Allergies & Dietary restrictions

We are pleased to provide alternative meals for those who require special diets or have food allergies. If any food allergies are life-threatening and may require extensive modifications or supplements, we do allow for food to be sent with campers to be stored in our kitchen and prepared by our Food Service staff.


nut policy

Camp Summit is a ‘nut aware’ facility. Each year, a number of campers and staff members attend camp who have life-threatening nut allergies. In no way do we want to compromise their personal safety during their stay at Camp. Our menus are created with this in mind as our kitchen does not use or actively serve food with nuts. We ask that parents do not send any personal food items with their children that contain nuts in any form. This includes any supplemental food to accommodate extensive dietary restrictions or allergies. Any food containing nuts, nut products, or which may contain traces of nuts will be disposed of and not returned or replaced.


snacks & additional food 

We kindly as that you do not to send any extra food such as snacks or junk food with your camper. Food in cabins attracts animals and insects, creates a great deal of competitiveness between campers, it also generates garbage, and spoils appetites. We provide plenty of great food, delicious desserts and snacks – sending candy or treats is just not necessary!


Birthdays at Camp

We are delighted to provide a treat if a camper is celebrating a birthday while at Camp… we may sing a couple of songs to help celebrate a special birthday too! Camp Summit will arrange for a birthday treat for your child should their special day happen while they are at camp. It is not necessary to send a treat. If your child has a birthday at camp, you are welcome to leave a special package or card at the office to be delivered to their cabin on their special day.