Outdoor Centre Testimonials

We receive many letters here at Camp Summit Outdoor Education Centre from various schools and organizations who have shared some time here at camp. Their need to share their gratitude is always very well received and we are proud in knowing that we have cultivated an environment that provides such tremendous growth and exhilarating experiences in the lives of all who come through our Summit gates.

Crofton House School – Vancouver

“I cannot say enough good things about the Camp Summit Outdoor Education Centre. From the start of the booking process to the end of our trip debriefs, the knowledgeable and energetic Summit staff make organizing outdoor education trips a breeze. Our students are consistently empowered to reach new heights by the supportive group leaders at Summit, and our students come away from each trip with meaningful memories. Camp Summit bends over backwards to meet the needs of our unique community and they are constantly seeking to improve their programs using feedback from their visitors. Quite simply – they are the best in the business in BC and I would recommend Camp Summit to anyone seeking to add value to their programs through experiential education.”

– Coordinator of Outdoor Education

York House School

“Camp Summit is an outstanding experience for my Grade 6 students. From the moment that we arrive to the time we leave the students are fully engaged and experiencing the outdoors to the full. The staff are wonderful and are very accommodating in designing a program that is perfect for our school. All of the activities are challenging and encourage each student to stretch her comfort zone and feel successful about her achievements. The High Ropes Course is always one of the favorite activities with the students. The evening Camp fires are always lots of fun and a perfect end to the day. After spending time outdoors it is relaxing to spend time in the food hall – the food is excellent and there is a warm family feeling. The staff are very encouraging and have a very positive approach to teaching, it is obvious that they enjoy the job they are doing. The students leave with a positive experience and many happy memories of their time spent at Camp Summit.”

West Point Grey Academy

“Camp Summit offers our students and staff an outdoor education experience of the highest caliber. All the details that can make or break a program are well thought out, the food is delicious (and there’s always lots of it), the bathrooms are close-by and clean, and the cabins are comfortable. Summit’s staff are absolutely fantastic. They are professional yet energetic and enthusiastic in their dealings with the children, and each year many of the same staff return, which lends to the sense of community. The programs they run are appropriate to students’ ages, and students come away from camp feeling more confident in their ability to problem solve, try new things, and work in group situations. We continue to come back to Summit year after year for the care they put into the program, care for the students and care for teachers.”

Meadowridge School, Maple Ridge

“For the past 9 years, I have taken 50 Grade 6 students to Camp Summit for three action packed days of adventure and am consistently amazed by their transformation! The youngsters enter full of trepidation and leave filled with renewed confidence and the belief that they can trust themselves. The key lies with the vibrant staff who remind us through their example to live life boldly, challenge boundaries and discover our greatest potential!”

Jamieson School – Vancouver

“Camp Summit is a fantastic outdoor camp facility from start to finish! All of the staff are enthusiastic and so well trained that all of my students feel comfortable during all the games and activities. My students love that all the staff participate in all the activities and they really enjoy having a super fun campfire at the end of each day with songs that last for weeks even when we get back to school! As a teacher, the staff and organization of how the camp is run is phenomenal and after going once I have never looked back and continue to go year after year and will continue to do so! It is a one of kind camp that requires little organization from teachers once you arrive and full confidence in the staff that they will take care of every- thing and ensure that you and your students have the most rewarding and fun outdoor camp experience that they will remember for years to come! Having been to numerous other camps, the quality of the staff, equipment and activities is unbeatable!” 

White Rock Christian Academy – White Rock

“Just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the experience that you and your staff are providing for our students. A 2 hour drive home last night enabled me to reflect and a Friday morning routine in which staff gathers to share that which they are thankful for enabled me to share my thankfulness with our staff this morning. Here is what I shared:

I was thankful for WRCA staff that are willing to leave their lives behind for a few days so that our students can go to Summit. I was thankful for a place like Camp Summit that provides a place for our students to go to learn things about resiliency, reflection, kindness, stewardship (take what you need, eat what you take!), community, respect and countless others. Your staff is dedicated to what they do; dedicated to speaking into students; excellent at what they do; available to students. While I only had the opportunity to spend brief periods of time with a limited number of staff, I was so impressed with who they are and how they are. I was blown away by their willingness to fully engage in the wide game after dinner. Fully committed – not easy at the end of the day, at the end of a long season. But, there they were. The campfire celebration was off the charts. Very talented people. Yesterday was a day of renewal for my soul. And I thank the people at Camp Summit for that.”