Health & Safety

A successful and enjoyable camp experience begins with a healthy camper!
All campers are required to have a “Medical Form” filled out and submitted before they arrive to camp. Failure to complete the Medical Form puts both your child and the Camp in a compromising position.

We understand that some parents may be hesitant to disclose information about their child’s behaviour or medical history, however, we use the information that you provide to ensure that your child has the best possible experience while at camp. Prior knowledge of medical conditions, phobias, behavioural issues, recent loss or trauma, or major family changes can make a tremendous difference in helping us to be understanding and supportive towards your child as they embark on their camp adventures.

Health Centre Facility & Staff

Camp Summit has a fully functional Health Centre on-site. The Health Centre is where campers can go to take their daily medications, receive first aid for small injuries and chat with our Medical Attendant about any health concerns they may have. There is a 24-hour Medical Attendant on-site that oversees the Health Centre and all ongoing health matters at camp. Hospitals and clinics are located within a 25 minute drive into Squamish. For any major first aid emergency or if the Medical Attendant believes that a camper should see a doctor we will take them in and contact the family immediately.

Checking your campers health before camp

Campers should not come to camp with known communicable diseases or health nuisances (such as chicken pox, COVID-19, Hand Foot and Mouth, viral infections, rashes, fevers, flu symptoms, etc.). Please contact our office if your child has been exposed to anything communicable within 3 weeks of the start of their camp session. Together we will determine whether it is best for your camper to stay home for an extra day or so before arriving at camp. 

No Lice / Nits Policy

Please note that Camp Summit maintains a strict “No Lice/No Nits” policy. During the first day health screening, all campers will have their hair checked for head lice and any camper with evidence of lice or nits will be excused from camp to return home for treatment. They can then return to camp 24 hours after treatment and will be re-checked upon their return. Please set aside a time to thoroughly check your child’s head for lice prior to leaving for camp. We recommend doing lice checks of your child’s hair a few days to a week prior to their camp starting date. This will give your family sufficient time for treatment, if needed.

Risk Management at Camp Summit

At Camp Summit, our paramount concern is in the management of risks and safety of our campers and participants. Camp Summit operates under the premise of minimizing real risks (those that can do actual damage) while carefully manipulating perceived risks (those that have no real threat, but appear risky) to allow maximum growth within participants. For example, rock climbing may be perceived to be incredibly risky, but through staff expertise, high quality equipment and maintenance, and educational tools geared specifically to the age of the learner, real risk is reduced and students can gain new competencies and confidence through overcoming a seemingly impossible challenge. This is the tenant of what we do at Summit.