Parent’s Frequently Asked Questions

How many campers are in one cabin?

Each cabin sleeps 8-9 campers staying with one counsellor and LIT. Camp Summit is divided into three sections: Juniors, Intermediates and Seniors. Camp Summit will on occasion place a female counselor with our younger male cabin groups (7-9 yr olds). We have found this to be a positive experience for both the campers and the staff member. Many of our younger campers appreciate having an older female figure with their group and, for many, it helps that transition from home to camp. A male Junior Program Staff would also work with the cabin and be the live-in staff member in this instance.

Do many campers experience homesickness?

 Missing home is a very normal and natural reaction to being away from the comfort and routines of home life; missing home can be felt by campers of any age and with any experience of being away from home. It is important to talk to your child about missing home: let them know that it is a normal feeling that will pass and that you have confidence that despite a little homesickness, they will have an incredible experience at camp. Don’t be afraid to raise questions of homesickness – talking about it in a positive & proactive manner will help prepare them in case they experience it. From the moment campers arrive at our camp, they are immersed in activities and kept very busy right up until the end of their stay. Our counsellors are with their cabin groups at all times and help campers work through any problems the kids might have. Overcoming obstacles such as this are one of the many achievements our counsellors are so great at guiding their campers through.

My child still wets the bed, can they still come to Camp?

It is our belief that Bedwetting (nocturnal enuresis) should not be a reason a child cannot come to Camp. We understand the hesitation and concerns campers and their families may have about managing bedwetting at Camp, as such our staff have been trained to handle this as discreetly as possible for Campers to maximize their comfort at Camp. Here are some things to keep in mind…

  • Our Camp Mattresses are made out of thick vinyl which allows for quick and easy cleanup of any mess.
  • Summit is equipped with onsite laundry facilities that allows for soiled items (clothes, sleeping bags) to be cleaned right away.
  • Our Health Centre can store and distribute medication as necessary if your child takes medication to manage nocturnal enuresis.

The Health Centre is also able to store any overnight pull-ups that a camper would prefer to not keep with them in the cabin. In these cases, campers will also have access to the private washroom attached to the HC to change discreetly in both the morning and evening.

Families with concerns about their campers comfort on managing bedwetting at Camp are encouraged to contact our office. We also encourage families to speak with their camper to chat about their concerns and about strategies on managing bedwetting at Camp (i.e. telling a staff you have had an accident, where to put soiled clothing to be cleaned by staff).

How old are your staff members?

Are they experienced enough? Our staff are between the ages of 18 and 30 years old. In most cases they are university students, school teachers or outdoor education leaders. Many of them have successfully completed the Leader-In-Training program and all acquire First Aid and CPR certification before their employment at Camp. Many of our staff hold advanced certifications in wilderness first aid, expedition leadership, and program instruction. In addition to the cabin group counsellors, Camp Summit has specifically trained activity instructors for each of our program offerings and a Senior Staff team of Program Directors, Leadership Directors, Health Centre Attendants etc. All of our staff fall under the direct leadership and oversight of our Management Team led by our Camp Director, Geoff Park.

Where are the campers from?

Summit is very fortunate to have campers come from all over the world; Mexico, Colombia, Asia, Europe and all across North America. Campers find it’s not only a camp where they participate in activities, but a place to make lifelong relationships. The variety of our campers origins allows for tremendous growth and learning from one another. Summit campers become more globally aware individuals as a result of their time spent in our diverse environment.

Is Camp Summit accredited?

Yes, Camp Summit is accredited by the British Columbia Camps Association. The BCCA is a governing body that facilitates and promotes an in-depth accreditation process, informs and educates its membership of camping professionals, and advocates the benefits of accredited camps to parents and the BC public. Camp Summit is proud to be an accredited member of the British Columbia Camps Association which believes that safe and quality camp experiences play an integral part in the development of children, youth and adults and contribute to healthy communities. The BCCA is part of the Canadian Camping Association and affiliated with all provincial camping associations, the International Camping Fellowship and the American Camps Association.

What is the tuck shop?

The tuck shop is open at specific times for each cabin group. The campers can purchase Camp Summit apparel and memorabilia, including t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, and stickers. There is no food for sale at the Tuck Shop.

What do we pack for camp?

Camp Summit clothing lists are available on the Packing Lists & Forms pageClothing lists are specific to each of our camp programs – so please make sure that you have the correct list for the camp that your child will be attending. It is important that you make sure to pack all of the appropriate clothing and gear for your child’s session at camp. The items we have listed on the clothing & gear lists are necessary for the health, safety and enjoyment of the camp experience for your child.

Can the campers write home and can I send a letter/e-mail or parcel?

Camp Summit definitely encourages campers to write letters home regularly and these are mailed every few days. Another great way to reach your camper is by sending an email – any camper emails can be sent to [email protected] with your child’s name in the subject line. Emails are printed out and given out daily after lunch. We do ask that email correspondence is limited to 1 e-mail per camper per day at camp – campers can get quite expectant about receiving messages from home which can lead to competitiveness and disappointment in a cabin group.

How does my Camper get to Camp Summit?

Camp Summit is pleased to offer transportation for campers from three convenient locations in the Vancouver Area. All Bus Transportation is coordinated and operated by Camp Summit and is available to campers at an additional charge. You are also welcome to drop off / pick up your camper by car at Camp Summit directly.

Our camper is travelling to Canada by plane – How do they get to camp?

Summit is happy to offer transportation for your child from the YVR Vancouver airport should they be flying in for camp – please note there is a transportation charge each way (per child). If your camper is arriving or departing through Vancouver International Airport, it is important that you send the complete travel itinerary including flight number to our Office as soon as possible. All campers travelling to camp from outside of Canada must have a passport (and all appropriate citizenship documentation, which may include a birth certificate) and a letter of permission from a parent stating that they have permission to attend Camp Summit, the dates, flight information, and that they will be met by a Camp Summit Staff Member. If they are travelling alone, it is a very good idea to give them the camp’s name, address, and phone numbers to show for Customs officials. Please make sure to provide immediate contact details so that we can make sure to contact you and let you know that your child has arrived safely at camp.