Frequently Asked Questions from Campers!

If I come to camp with a friend, can I stay with them?

We’ll do our best! If you would like to be in a cabin group with a friend, please mark it down on your application and we will take note of your request when putting together the groups. In order to secure a cabin request both campers must request eachother on their form, and be registered for the same camp session, while being within a year of age. We try our best to accommodate campers but please limit your requests to one or two friends. If you have friends at camp that are not in your section, don’t worry, there’s plenty of time to visit them while at camp.

How many activities do we do in a day?

Campers participate in five or six activities a day and each cabin group rotates so everyone gets the chance to try everything that’s offered. We have a mixture of cabin group activities and choice activity blocks. This way, you are able to select what you would like to do, or continue to develop skills at a certain prgoram area at camp. Some activities will last for the morning, afternoon, evening or include an entire day of fun.

Do I get any free time?

Yes, there are pockets of structured free time throughout the day, usually before or after meals that is supervised by our staf. It is really fun! As well, there’s a rest hour after lunch where cabins may take some time to rest up in their cabins from the morning’s activities or, sit and relax outside in a shaded area enjoying some quiet time.

Is the food good?

The food at Camp Summit is awesome! There’s always something for everyone and our chef is amazing at accommodating dietary restrictions and our pickiest of eaters. The food is very camper friendly so be sure to make room for seconds!

Do we do any activities as a whole camp?

Yes, some of the evening programs involve everyone coming together for a camp wide game such as Zoo Break or Capture the FLUMAN! As well, we LOVE to have CAMPFIRES all together!

Where does my hiking trip go?

During our 2 week adventure camp, hiking trips are scheduled by the Trip Director and are assigned based on the age and experience of the cabin group. Junior campers take an overnight/two day trip, intermediates do a two night/three day trip and the seniors are gone for three nights and four days. The trips are taken throughout the Provincial Parks around Squamish, Pemberton, Whistler and the Fraser Valley.

What if I don’t know how to do the activities?

No problem! All of our activities involve instruction for every level before participating and no matter what level you’re at, someone will be there to help you learn the activity and achieve new goals. As well, Camp Summit will provide all of the equipment that you will need to have fun at these activities!

Is there a way I could see Camp before my session starts?

Yes of course! We actually highly encourage our new to Summit campers to come and visit Camp before arriving on their first day. We would be happy to host you and your family for a tour of the Camp Summit site. As well, we host a New Family Orientation each Spring where we invite all of our new to Summit families for a fun morning at Camp!