Experiential Education

Experiential Education is based in the philosophy that we learn best by doing. As Albert Einstein said, “The only source of knowledge is experience.” Here at the Summit Outdoor Education Centre (SOEC) we abide by this way of thinking. Through the use of adventure activities, individuals are asked to put aside preconceived notions of their abilities and develop new competencies and confidence.

Experiential education teaches valuable life skills such as goal setting, communication, decision-making, trust building, conflict resolution, leadership, and allows individuals to recognize their true potential. Groups become more effective and cohesive thanks to shared challenges and experiences.

“Take camp home with you” is what we always say. The key to successful experiential education is ‘transference’, if you have an incredible experience here at Summit Outdoor Education Centre but don’t take the lessons of that experience home with you to your day-to-day life, then we have not been successful. Whether it is increased personal confidence, or developing the tools in which to deal with conflicts as they arise, we will do our best to ensure that these skills are taught in a meaningful and enjoyable manner and that your experiences leave an impression that continues to ripple through your daily life long after you leave our site.

Many people come to SOEC with no previous experience in adventure activities. The concept of putting on a harness and climbing up a rock wall seems terrifying and incredibly risky to some. However, by utilizing fully trained and experienced staff along with the highest safety standards, we are able to manipulate what seems like “real risk” into a powerful learning force known as “perceived risk.” Reaching the top of a rock wall, which from the ground seemed impossibly high, will allow you to experience feelings of accomplishment and success that you may never have felt before. All the while, our competent staff is ensuring your utmost safety.

One of the key elements of outdoor experiential education is the concept of “challenge by choice.” At SOEC, you will be empowered with the ultimate choice in how much challenge you choose to take. You will be asked to take baby steps outside of your comfort zone so that you may experience the exhilaration of meeting previously impossible seeming goals, but you will always remain in the driver’s seat. The focus at SOEC is learning and fun and our staff are experts at ensuring you get the most out of your experience, while maintaining your comfort and enjoyment.